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Hannah Adams, Michelle Criqui, Giuliana Macaluso, Editors, James Madison University


It is with no hesitation that we affirm that the success of our yearbook is in large part due to Mr. and Mrs. Stalcup’s diligence and willingness to come alongside our team as we strive to immortalize history. Not only are Mr. and Mrs. Stalcup professional and organized, but also they bring to our team an unparalleled personal component that fosters an environment of collaboration and motivation. They truly care about the advisers, editors and staff members that they represent, and the sympathetic nature of their work speaks volumes about their characters as individuals and as a team.


Mr. and Mrs. Stalcup possess advanced knowledge of the yearbook realm that allows them to deliver specific, comprehensible responses to queries. Mr. Stalcup displays an understanding of the yearbook profession due to his tenure working on his own university’s yearbook as well as his expertise in the area of graphic design. Mrs. Stalcup exhibits extensive insight into the business domain due to her past entrepreneurship as a small business owner. Their combined skillset makes them an incomparable component our – and to any – yearbook team.

Dianne Demastrie, Patriot High School

Scott and Tami have gone above and beyond to assist and train my staff.  They have gone out of their way to make themselves a presence within my yearbook program and get to know my students.  Their four-day yearbook camp in held in July, proved to be a valuable experience for my students.  The course offerings, spanning writing, photography, design, theme development, and leadership, were invaluable to teaching my less experienced staff members the basics that sometimes slip between the cracks during the hustle and bustle of the school year.  In addition to the academic aspect, the camp was developed around the basis of team-bonding and fun activities, all built around a memorable and entertaining Star Wars theme that the students enjoyed.  My students left camp with great new ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and a strong direction with which it to begin the year.  

Nelson Martin, Monticello High School

Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication, Tami and Scott have been able to assist our yearbook staff in producing an excellent edition of The Declaration, Monticello’s High School Yearbook. They lead by example and many students here find their enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Tami, Scott and the Balfour Publishing Company consistently delivered the types of programs and solutions necessary to achieve a higher standard yearbook and achieve the goals set by our yearbook staff.

Scott and Tami, have a natural intelligence for assisting high schools with creating yearbooks is among the best I have seen. They have the drive and energy necessary to assist yearbook advisers through to completion, guiding advisers and students through the entire yearbook process, on time and within budget. They are both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through their integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in yearbook advisers and students.

The Balfour Publishing Company, Tami and Scott, exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to produce a school’s yearbook. They are a quality team that are devoted to school’s objectives and unfailingly handled conflict with grace and intelligence. The Balfour organization and the team of Tami and Scott show dedication to quality customer service that is bar none.

Elaine Barker, Illinois Valley High School


As a teacher and yearbook advisor for over 25 years, I have encountered and worked with a variety of yearbook companies and representatives.  It has been my fortune and that of my students to have had the opportunity to work with Tami Cash and Scott Stalcup for over 5 years. Tami and Scott have become mentors, role models and friends to my staff and I.  We have shared many memories that extend outside the realm of yearbook production. They will be sorely missed here; but our loss is the gain of their new schools. Be glad if you are one of the lucky ones!  Look forward to engaging in a rewarding, informative and supportive relationship with not only Balfour Publishing, but with the great individuals that represent this company.

Tami and Scott are not only connected to the industry; but are also concerned about connecting to advisors and students. In addition to their awesome skills and expertise in creating exemplary yearbooks, they bring the human element into all of their interactions.  Their curriculum includes demonstrating how to have fun and be respectful and how to say ‘Thank You,’ as well as how to design yearbook pages and take photos.

Doug Winn, Grant High School


Respect is important to my students, and they have told me that they much prefer Tami's upbeat encouragement to the harsh criticism they've received from representatives from other publishing companies.  It's a given that every time that Tami responds to a student's rough draft of a layout design, she finds a way to specifically praise the strengths of the design before any talk about changes.  Students are so much more able to hear her suggestions, because she establishes a respectful relationship at the outset.         

Like Tami, Scott has a big heart for students, especially ones that need special help.  At his own initiative Scott offered to do a professional senior photo for one of our special education students who is in a wheelchair and can't talk. 

Watching Scott work was really something.  He could have just had the student pose for a quick photo and been done.  But because Tami and Scott are so empathetic and care so much, they patiently worked for a long time taking several shots, and using different distances and angles to get the best shot possible.  They really give of themselves well beyond the call of duty.

Erin Schloetter, Lakeridge High School


My students are all so happy being Balfour customers. For some students, this is because they are now using InDesign more like professionals do; for others, it’s because of the training opportunities that Tami has offered. For example, Tami and Scott came into the classroom and taught a lesson on coverage. They’ve also visited the class several times this year, providing one-on-one help and encouragement as individual students need. For my editors, the most valuable aspect was leadership training last May and at the summer workshop. Before camp, Tami spoke with my leaders about their fears and their experiences which helped them feel better about the commitment they were making.

At the summer workshop, Tami and Scott focused not just on the product that the students create, but also about creating a team environment. Several of the activities were about getting students to talk and work together on projects that weren’t necessarily yearbook-related. For my editor team, this experience was great; they needed time together to solidify themselves as a team as much as they needed time to create a yearbook plan. As for me, I’m happy because all of my students’ interactions with Tami and Scott have allowed my students to grow; Tami and Scott come into my classroom with a professional attitude and they talk to students in a way that makes my students feel like what they are doing is important.

Keith Higbee, Wilson High School


Tami and Scott have met absolutely every one of my needs every year. They are very warm, friendly, and genuine people.  When they stop by, or call, or send emails, they are doing so because they really want to know if they can help in any way.  And they have the actual background and skills to provide the help we need.  When working with my kids they get right in there and work with them showing them how to make changes and offering immediate solutions.  They know yearbook. At the very least I can say that nobody in my class knew who my previous rep was during the two years that she was my Jostens rep, but all my kids know Tami and Scott. 

When they enter the room they actually talk to the kids, bring them snacks and reward them for doing a good job.  They check in with editors to see if they need any help, or to ask if they can check out pages, and then circulate the room just saying hi and seeing where they can provide assistance. It is obvious that they love this part of their jobs the most. In no way did my previous representative project this same kind of genuine energy and enthusiasm. It was all business with her. Tami and Scott are a HUGE breath of fresh air compared to my previous rep in this regard.  They are exactly the people they present themselves to be and are very easy to talk to and work with.

More Adviser Comments

Throughout that first year Tami came to meet with my students as often as I needed her and help educate and motivate us to make one of the best yearbooks the school had ever made.  I never once felt alone in my quest to become a great adviser, something Tami always knew I could be. Balfour made sure I had what I needed to be supported and empowered as a first year adviser.  As a seasoned adviser with five yearbooks in print I know that is was Tami and Balfour that has placed me in a position of confidence with my staff, their ideas and the creativity needed to have a successful book year after year.  Balfour is a company that has proven themselves to be affordable, while producing a high quality books.  But above all that, the company has demonstrated a personal side that demonstrates caring and concern for my final product.

--Desiree Fisher, Lake Oswego Jr. High

The idea of tackling the yearbook as a complete novice was daunting at first, but Tami and Scott proved absolutely invaluable to  me and my staff.  They were always there with assistance and words of encouragement.  Knowing they were just a call or an email away was a comfort.   Their assistance helped our school put together a successful and beautiful book; they came to our meetings and gave my staff invaluable information and guidance.  Tami and Scott were much more than 'yearbook reps' they were partners in our project.  They made the experience of putting together the book fun and rewarding. 
--Karen Roberts, Laurelhurst Middle School