who we are
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​One stunningly gorgeous region. 
Three yearbook nerds. 
Unlimited creative possibilities.
Tami and Scott Stalcup as well as Nancy Rosenberg are committed to providing Mid-Atlantic schools with the highest quality yearbooks and outstanding service...plus a healthy dose of fun along the way!​

Scott is a published photographer and graphic designer who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with students. He has been invited as a national speaker at JEA, State Press Days, and Summer Yearbook Camps each year. His yearbook experience began as the editor-in-chief in both high school and college, both of which were instrumental in his decision to pursue a degree in Journalism at the University of Memphis.  His career began as a medical photographer at the University of Tennessee. Before joining Balfour, he worked as a graphic designer and marketing manager for 15 years at Hewlett-Packard (HP).  He uses that experience to help advisers and students develop strong marketing solutions for their yearbook programs. He can also help with any technical and computer solutions, including Studioworks, InDesign and Photoshop training.

Tami is a previous high school teacher and yearbook adviser, and her strengths are exhibited in theme development, adviser/editor leadership and staff organization/team building.  Her goals are to help any yearbook program fully develop their theme and enhance their coverage of the student body while producing an award-winning yearbook as a cohesive team. She also serves as an experienced resource to advisers for curriculum needs, grading strategies, and classroom support.  She truly believes that the yearbook class or club is the most difficult to teach but the most rewarding to learn. She loves being in the classroom working with students and helping students find their passions in life through the yearbook journalism experience. 

Nancy graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Special Education and was the

Editor-in-Chief of her college yearbook.  Her true love and passion for working with students is demonstrated by her volunteer experience as a high school Red Cross adviser, working with the Sister Ruth Ann Program for students with Down Syndrome and working as a Teachers Aid.  Nancy’s passion for yearbooks began in high school when Tami was the yearbook adviser at St. Benedict High School and invited her to join the yearbook staff.  Nancy's passion and dedication earned her the position of Editor-In-Chief. Nancy is full of personality, extremely outgoing, and well rounded in all aspects of yearbook. Her high energy and fun spirit not only motivates students in the classroom, but her charisma and spirited personality help her connect with them on many levels.

Balfour Customers have found that having a team of yearbook representatives at their disposal with complementary strengths is instrumental in providing a complete and fulfilling curriculum to their students. Here's what some customers have to say.