ideas. we're full of them. and we can bring them to you.

it's hip to be square. they're visual, scannable and informative. just like a yearbook.

Squares are visually appealing teaching enhancements that can be used on their own or alongside our standards of learning-aligned curriculum. The squares cover topics from theme development, content and copy standards, photography skills, and design element basics and ideas. Whether you are a seasoned adviser looking for fresh and trending publishing ideas or a brand new adviser looking for a fun way to jump-start your project, squares offer a diverse range of uses for both advisers and students.

Each square showcases a high-end design technique with quick, up-to date and trending ideas that will engage your students as they create their own uniquely styled yearbook. Squares are quick and easy to implement into your instruction and work great as bell exercises or class starters. Stay reminded of our tips and tools by posting the squares around your publication room for student inspiration.

Check out some of our squares below and contact us to bring you some!