they're fun. they're QuiRky. they're QR codes.
You probably see QR codes everywhere. But what do they do?

QR codes—short for Quick Response codes—are a more powerful form of traditional bar codes. While the barcodes you see on packages and price tags encode data horizontally, QR codes encode data both horizontally and vertically in a series of squares. This makes QR codes an ideal tool for linking from print media to the web, because they are able to hold more data.

To scan a QR code, you must have a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera, and download a QR code reader app. The camera and decoding software work together to read the code, and will automatically take the following actions:


  • Open a web browser to the URL embedded in the code

  • Open an application and play a video

  • Download a file

  • Provide coupons and exclusive offers


OK, so what do QR codes have to do with Balfour yearbooks?

By printing a QR code in your yearbook and then scanning it with a QR reader app, it’s easy to enrich your yearbook by instantly linking it to a related video. BAL4.TV is an online platform from Balfour that allows you to safely and securely incorporate audio, video and other digital content into your printed yearbook—making it more engaging and desirable.

With BAL4.TV, a graduate can pull a printed yearbook off the shelf in 2020, view photos from his debate club days, and then using a smartphone, tablet, or computer—link directly to a video for the team’s state championship win.

Additionally, all BAL4.TV QR codes have a short URL printed underneath, providing video access to those who don’t have a QR code scanner.

More information is only a click away! ​​​