our philosophy

Few things gain value as they age.
Yearbooks are one of them.
We think we've aged pretty well too!

We love to teach. Helping advisers help students find their passions for journalism, photography, design, writing and marketing is our raison d'êtreour reason for being.

One of our strengths as yearbook representatives is our ability to understand the needs of our advisers regardless if they are brand new or have many years of advising experience.  We understand that advisers work diligently every day, even weekends and holidays.  We are committed to being available to help our advisers for those many hours devoted to creating a yearbook.  Our experience in education, graphic design, and photography has molded the way we deliver and receive information and has proven invaluable in assisting advisers in teaching design, photography, writing, and team building skills. 

Because of our passion for yearbook design and working with students, we easily establish a good rapport with our students.  We possess the enthusiasm and innovation necessary to engage and inspire staff members to take ownership and become devoted to producing a yearbook they will treasure for a lifetime.