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​themes, words, pictures, graphics...yep, we live for this stuff 

We are your partner in the educational process and journalistic adventure that includes comprehensive curriculum, technical training, workshops and summer camp designed for students and advisers of all levels.  Our goal is to provide advisers the opportunity to get a jumpstart on the school year which ultimately helps the yearbook staff with a smoother start.

Our workshops and summer camps train students on yearbook journalism, and plan the direction the book will take for the upcoming year.  We cover theme development, layout and design, technology, photography, info graphics, writing, team building and staff leadership.

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This one-stop-shop is your personal website for ordering supplies, downloading video tutorials, finding design ideas, managing deadlines, verifying book specs and accessing budget information – all updated on a daily basis.

Yearbook Curriculum

This invaluable yearbook adviser’s resource guide is packed with lessons, handouts and time-tested ways to manage the tasks of yearbook advising. More than 100 downloadable resources and worksheets are also included.

Based on standards of learning, it's a must-have for any yearbook adviser.



Make your book amazing with this helpful introduction to all things yearbook – from theme, design and coverage to photography, copy and finances. With this easy-to-understand workbook, your design can showcase the content, the people and events that made the year memorable.

Need your curriculum online and sorted by topic? Done! The Elements of Yearbook website is a visual library of all yearbook topics linked to compelling exercises, fresh trends and easy-to-understand worksheets. Find all we have to offer about photography, design, staff motivation and the other thirty-four yearbook elements.