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Don't think your program has what it takes to produce an award-winning yearbook? Think again! We taken many different program of all shapes and sizes from an everyday-run-of-the-mill yearbook to a recognized publication in the yearbook industry. Contact us to talk about what the judges look for and how we can make a difference to your program.


So nice, they had to name it twice! Just ask us for a copy.

The YearbookYearbook (YB2) is published annually to feature the best of the best award-winning yearbooks. 

Yearbooks published by Balfour for the school year are evaluated in one or more of the following areas: theme development, layout design, photo content, secondary packages and cover design. For their outstanding yearbook achievement, Balfour recognizes approximately fifteen percent of yearbook staffs in YearbookYearbook.

Begin your current school year with advice and help from the best in the business!

Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) is an international student press association, founded in 1925, whose goal is to unite student journalists and faculty advisers at schools and colleges through educational conferences, idea exchanges, textbooks, critiques and award programs.

CSPA is affiliated with the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University in the City of New York. 

The Journalism Education Association (JEA) is the largest scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers. Put simply, we educate teachers on how to educate students.

They fulfill this goal through numerous activities: they provide training around the country at national conventions, co-sponsored with the National Scholastic Press Association. They offer national certification for teaching high school journalism. They publish print and online resources on the latest trends in journalism education. They provide avenues for virtual discussion among teachers, as well as communities and mentoring to learn best practices. They monitor and actively defend First Amendment and scholastic press rights issues across the country.

In 1921, NSPA began helping students and teachers improve their publications. Today that goal remains #1.

NSPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization exclusively for high school and other secondary school publications - yearbooks, newspapers, magazines, broadcast programs, and online publications. Since 1921, we've offered our members resources to help their publications improve, including national high school journalism conventions, prestigious contests and scholarships, a publication critique service, and much more.